packages = ["toml","requests","pyodide-http"]

SOTB2023 BYOCTF Challenge Builder

This is a simple tool to help you create the toml file for byoctf. Validate your challenge here!
Need help understanding what makes a good challenge? See notes or guidance for developing challenges

Author Discord ID
we don't use discriminators any more

Challenge Title
Make it catchy.

Challenge Description
The should provided everything a player needs; links to files or sites and enough description to get started. Remember, you can't edit your challenge once you post it. You can use '{{PLAYERNAME}}' '{{TEAMNAME}}' AND '{{TEAMUUID}}' in your description and it will be shown to players with the appropriate values for them and their team.

Challenge Tags
Comma separated list of single-word or hyphenated-word that represent the category. use singular form if applicable . e.g. "pentest, api, web"

Challenge Prerequisites
Comma separated list of UUIDs for any challenges which must be solved before this challenge is solvable. Leave blank if there are no pre-reqs

The challenge value is the sum of the individual flag values.

Hints are ordered and purchased by cost; lowest hints first. A big nudge should be a big cost. a little nudge should be a little cost.

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